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Hydrojetting is the industry gold standard for preventing blockages in kitchen drain lines. This process scours the pipe of all built-up grease or food clogs to help restore the flow. We use a special rotating nozzle that cleans the pipe with 4000 psi of hot pressurized water.


The nozzle propels itself into the pipe and through the blockage. The pipe is not pressurized by the water, as the water is traveling at such high speeds that it moves quickly through to the other side. The velocity of the hot pressurized water itself is what does the scouring and cleaning of the inside of the blocked pipes.

While this service can be used in emergencies, it is most effective as a preventative maintenance measure to be taken regularly to keep your kitchen drain lines clear and functional.

Team North Bay service vehicles are all equipped with hydrojetters, which allows us to perform hydrojetting service at the time of your hood cleaning. We offer Service Bundle Discounts when you choose to schedule both services in one appointment

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