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At North Bay Restaurant Services, we pride ourselves on being green. Part of that mission is offering our Used Cooking Oil Collection & Recycling to restaurants all across the Bay Area. We are fully licensed by the State of California Department of Food & Agriculture to transport and store used cooking oil. We offer discounts on other services in exchange for your used cooking oil!


Cooking oil service for your facility will include:

  • Properly sized storage containers (sized to meet your needs) at no charge.

  • Customized frequency of visits based on your volume production – adjusted by our office as you get busier.

  • Effortless, recurring scheduling of oil pick-ups lets you focus on more important things, like serving your guests!

  • A collection receipt on file with every service, as required by the State, assuring your compliance with state environmental laws.

  • When you do have questions or concerns, there is always a real human being at the other end of the telephone to help you.

  • We service all of Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Mendocino, Lake, and San Francisco Counties!


As part of your service package, our team can steam clean the oil container and dumpster areas, and reclaim the washwater in compliance with state and local environmental laws. Please call or email our team to see how we can make your life as a restaurant owner or manager just that much easier. Our goal is for you to never have to worry about an overflowing cooking oil container ever again!

Team North Bay Restaurant Services is here to make your choice for a cooking oil recycling, hood cleaning, grease trap pumping, floor cleaning, and hydrojetting vendor as simple as one phone call.


We'll Talk To You Soon!

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